Brandon Ingram is developing into the Lakers’ leader


Brandon Ingram has taken a huge jump for the Los Angeles Lakers and has become the team’s best player.

In the offseason, Brandon Ingram was considered untouchable in trade packages because he had the highest ceiling. In his second year in the NBA, he’s proving why.

After a frustrating performance in the preseason and somewhat of a slow start to the regular season, Ingram has blossomed into the player the team and Laker fans had hoped for. Ingram leads L.A. in scoring with 16.2 PPG and has become the team’s closer.

As the year has gone on, Ingram has grown more comfortable and more aggressive on the offensive end. His ability to isolate his defender, take him to the basket and finish at the rim has become commonplace. When watching the Lakers and witnessing Ingram call for a one-on-one, you can be confident that he’ll either score a bucket or get fouled.

The second-year forward turned another corner this season after facing the Golden State Warriors and going toe-to-toe with Kevin Durant, a superstar that Ingram has been compared to because of their similar size and length.

In the game against the Warriors, Ingram scored 32 points on 57 percent shooting to go along with five rebounds, three steals and two blocks. After the game Durant acknowledged how good Ingram is and how much better he’s going to get.

Then Ingram knocked down his first game-winner with a three ball against the Philadelphia 76ers that seemed to solidify his coming of age in the league.

Ingram has a long way to go to prove to be the Lakers’ savior but the jump he’s taken from his rookie season to now proves he was worth the No.2 overall pick just a year ago and validates Magic Johnson’s decision to make him untouchable in trades.

Ingram’s size, length, skill and new-found confidence has turned him into exactly the player L.A. needs. He has the potential to not only be the Lakers’ best player but to also become a true star in the league.


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