Why Brandon Ingram is going to have a breakout year

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The Los Angeles Lakers are a young rebuilding team ready to turn a corner this season and with the help of second-year forward Brandon Ingram they’re going to do just that.

Brandon Ingram was the Lakers’ No.2 overall pick in last year’s draft and came into the league with high expectations. Although he didn’t have an off-the-charts rookie season he did show steady improvement throughout the year as he got used to the NBA game.

Once Ingram was comfortable in his role for L.A. he even flashed his all-star potential averaging double digits for the last quarter of the season and throwing down emphatics dunks. This offseason, Ingram has been working hard in the gym to get stronger and to perfect his game.

The first glimpse Laker fans got to see of Ingram’s improvement came from one Summer League game against the Los Angeles Clippers where Ingram proved to be a man amongst boys. He totaled 26 points on 52.9 percent shooting and scored a basket to force overtime on an isolation play.

Ingram’s Summer League was cut short to play things safe due to injury concerns but by all accounts he’s ready to take a big leap next season.

Noone expects much from Los Angeles this year, especially considering they’re in the loaded west. But all it takes is one breakout star–or most improved player of the year–to turn things around.

The Lakers still may not be playoff ready, but Ingram’s improvement will keep them competitive and make them fun to watch.

Here are three reasons why Ingram will have a breakout season and win the most improved player award:


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