Budding Chemistry From The Lakers’ Young Stars Means A Bright Future For The Purple And Gold

Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle have been spending some quality time together on and off the court this summer which is a great sight to see for Laker fans. While Clarkson has been working hard all offseason trying to get better, Randle, Russell and Brandon Ingram have all been working on their game with the USA Select Team this summer. All three young Lakers have been putting in good work against the USA Men’s Basketball Team and got high praise from coach Gregg Popovich, including Russell who famously caused a locker room rift by recording a private conversation with teammate Nick Young that accidently leaked on the internet. Despite Russell’s reputation for immaturity coach Popovich said he was a skilled and clever player who communicates and takes directions well. It seems as if Russell may be maturing and improving faster than many had anticipated despite reports of him needing to be “reigned in” in Summer League. Popovich’s impression of Russell proves he is growing; a key to the Lakers return to relevancy.

Good times hosting the VIP screening last night with my teammates. Check out #JasonBourne this weekend!

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Outside of training with Team USA, Clarkson, Randle and Russell recently hosted a VIP screening for the new Jason Bourne Movie, taking a night off from pounding the paint to relax and have a good time. The chemistry and bond these young players are developing this summer will pay dividends during the 2016-2017 NBA season. As a rebuilding franchise, the Lakers undoubtedly have a tough road to climb, especially in a competitive western conference. The camaraderie the players develop in the offseason will help them through a long season and uphill battle back to contention. One of the best things for a struggling young team is to be in tune with each other. If Clarkson, Randle Russell and Ingram continue to build their chemistry, they have enough talent to be the next Minnesota Timberwolves, a team with young stars that’s definitely on the rise, and they may even have the potential the likes of the Golden State Warriors.



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