Clippers locker room altercation isn’t the only sign of tension between CP3 and his old team


The Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets made headlines for their postgame altercation involving Chris Paul and Austin Rivers proving old rumors of tension were true.

Monday night Chris Paul visited Staples Center for the first time since joining the Rockets. Without James Harden, the Rockets fell to the Clippers, 113-102. L.A. was led by Lou Williams and Blake Griffin who scored 31 and 29 respectively.  

Things got chippy early as CP3 mouthed the word “bitch” about Griffin arguing a call he didn’t get with the referees but that wouldn’t be the only drama between these two teams by far.

Late in the fourth quarter, Griffin got into a shouting match with Houston’s Head Coach, Mike D’Antoni, resulting in a double technical for both Griffin and D’Antoni. Then with the game out of reach and Los Angeles about to pull off the upset, Griffin got into another shouting match with a member of the Rockets–veteran forward Trevor Ariza.

This resulted in Griffin getting his second technical of the night and, by rule, being ejected from the game.

What happened after the clock expired, however, became the real story of the evening.

Ballerz World reported that multiple Rockets, including Harden, Ariza, Paul and Gerald Green, went to the Clippers’ locker room by way of a backdoor tunnel that CP3 knew about to confront Austin Rivers. Needless to say, Houston’s players took exception to Rivers’ attitude and smack talk from the Clipper bench during the game, and they had something to say about it.  

When the Rocket players went to the home team’s locker room looking for a fight, the commotion was so loud that extra security showed up to keep anything from getting physical, and the Clipper organization reportedly called the police as well.

To start the postgame presser, Doc Rivers joked that his team was,

“Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. day; we’re non-violent. We get it.”

When specifically asked about the altercation, Rivers said,

“I’ll let you do the rest of the investigation. I will say their entire team was not in their locker room.”

Later, Griffin was asked about the altercation and he responded,

“We were where we were supposed to be. We were in our locker room. We can’t control what anybody else does.”

The media also asked Griffin about his on-the-court altercations that led to his ejection but he brushed them off as best he could. In response to what was said between him and D’Antoni, Griffin said,

“After he said what he said, I said the same thing back.”

Griffin further curbed reporters when asked about the words exchanged with Ariza and the All-Star power forward joked, “He asked me if I was still coming to his birthday party and I said yeah I’m going to try.”

Besides the obvious animosity and altercations that took place between Houston and L.A., there were other signs that no love is lost between CP3 and the Clippers.

From Paul calling Griffin the B word to him disregarding his old team in a postgame presser to the Clippers disregarding Paul, there’s proof that all those old rumors of dysfunction within the Clippers organization were true.

While talking to reporters, CP3 gave credit to Sweet Lou for L.A.’s success and didn’t mention Doc Rivers or Griffin.

“They got Lou Will. He’s the guy. He’s the go-to guy.”

Without having heard Paul’s comments and praise of Williams, Rivers made a point to tell reporters that he and the Clippers organization don’t think about or talk about Chris Paul.

“We didn’t mention Chris today. We talked about the Rockets. Chris was great for us but Chris decided to leave us. We don’t talk about him.”

Later Griffin told reporters that

“Trust is really high offensively, defensively. The ball moves around, everybody touches the ball…everybody just trusts and gets a chance to shine…This is the most fun I’ve had playing basketball in a long time.”

It sounds as if both CP3 and certain members of the Clippers have a lack of respect for each other and are trying to move on.

This drama saga will undoubtedly continue as the two teams face each other two more times this season. Until then we’ll be eagerly waiting for part two of the NBA’s best new storyline.


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