The Clippers re-sign Blake Griffin to a max deal but should have traded him

After losing Chris Paul the Los Angeles Clippers hold on to their other star and re-sign Blake Griffin at the beginning of free agency.

Blake Griffin canceled two free agency meetings with other organizations once he decided to re-sign with the Clippers. His new contract is worth $173 million over five years. With CP3 gone and J.J. Redick on his way out next, the Clippers made it re-signing Griffin a priority. Losing two stars is better than losing three and holding onto Griffin ensures the Clippers keep a marketable player in Los Angeles.

But the signing is somewhat of a risky move for the Clippers organization due to Griffin’s injury history.

Tom Haberstroh of ESPN reports that Griffin has missed 33 percent of games over the last three years which definitively makes him injury prone.

So while Griffin’s new contract guarantees the Clippers will have the star for his entire prime, they’re taking a chance on him being healthy that may backfire on them. Furthermore, Los Angeles has to figure out how to rebuild around him. Losing Chris Paul leaves big shoes to fill and they’ll also have to make up for the loss of Redick’s production.

This was a good move on Griffin’s part if he’s not concerned with winning now. The Clippers are now in rebuilding mode but Griffin gets a max contract, will be the lone face of the franchise and stays in the L.A. market where he wins off of the basketball court.  But as for the Clippers, keeping Blake may hold them back during their rebuild. It may have been better to trade him and blow it all up, even if that meant being a lottery team because at least they would have draft picks that are needed to grab the best young talent.


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