The Dallas Cowboys Should Start Dak Prescott When Tony Romo is Healthy

Dak Prescott CowboysTim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Tony Romo went down with a broken bone in his back in the preseason, my thought was the guy has just reached the stage where he is simply injury prone. It seems like he will never get over the hump and be able to take the Cowboys anywhere due to setbacks.

Then comes rookie quarterback Dak Prescott filling in for the injured Romo in the preseason. He played poised, in control, and showed the ability to execute. He looked the part immediately as a guy that was NFL ready. But that was just the preseason and no one was ready to anoint him the Cowboys’ savior.

However, in Week 1 of the NFL Prescott followed up his preseason debut with an impressive performance against the New York Giants. Although the Cowboys lost he threw for 227 yards and did not turn the ball over.

Again in Week 2 he continued to show pro-readiness and made it clear he had all the necessary tools to be a successful starting quarterback in the NFL. Prescott led Dallas to a 27-23 road win over the Washington Redskins going 22-for-30 with 292 yards.

In Week 3 he led the Cowboys to their first win at home in nine games. Albeit against the Chicago Bears, but he was 19-for-24 with 248 yards, a rushing touchdown and threw his first career TD pass to Dez Bryant. Best of all, through three NFL games the rookie has yet to throw an interception.

He has good decision making, shows leadership, and can be a threat on the run, a dimension that Romo never had. Despite the fact that Romo is 36-years-old coming off of numerous injuries since 2010 and has already had back surgery, he is now suffering from another back injury meaning he would be rusty to say the least if he stepped back on the field later this season. Prescott is in rhythm with the offense and it’s flowing well with him. If Prescott continues to improve and Dallas has a winning record they should keep Romo as a backup and let Dak continue to develop. That way the team stays in rhythm without slowing down to get used to having Romo under center again which gives them the best chance to win.

If late in the season, perhaps in the playoffs Prescott succumbs to the pressure and under performs the Cowboys can always have a seasoned, healthy Romo take over once again. However, Romo may very well be permanently replaced by a younger, more capable QB in Dallas.



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