Draymond Green and Bradley Beal scuffle in Warriors-Wizards matchup


The Golden State Warriors hosted the Washington Wizards in a heated battle that ended the game early for Draymond Green and Bradley Beal.

Draymond Green is widely known as the heart and soul of the Warriors. Whether you agree with that, he certainly has more grit than any other player from Golden State.

Green showed off that emotion and fight when he and Wizards guard Bradley Beal got into a scuffle before the end of the first half.

Green already had a technical at that point so he was going to have to leave the game no matter what the referees made of the fight. But in the end both Green and Beal were ejected for their parts in the unsportsmanlike battle.

Green has a reputation for being unable to control his emotions (insert 2016 Finals when he took a swing at LeBron James and got ejected for Game 5) so he hardly gets the benefit of the doubt in these situations.

But to his credit, the fight appeared to be instigated by Beal who inexplicably slapped Green in the face after a Warriors’ defensive rebound.

The last person who would take a cheap shot like that and do nothing about it is Green so of course a fight broke out.

In the end Golden State got the last laugh overcoming an 18-point deficit to beat Washington 120-117. Green exited the game with three points and six assists while Beal had just four points and two assists.

There have now been four ejections in the NBA this season and three of them belong to the Warriors including Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

Golden State may be conjuring up a new attitude to get them through the season after winning the West for three straight years or teams may just be getting under their skin.

Whatever the case they certainly are shedding their reputation for being soft. Let’s hope they make it to the All-Star break without any suspensions.


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