JaVale McGee turns up after signing a one-year deal to return to the Warriors


It took some time but the Golden State Warriors and JaVale McGee agreed to terms to bring the center back to the defending champions.

While most of the league is in an arms race and some teams are in turmoil, the Warriors have quietly had the best offseason. First the locked up the face of their franchise, Stephen Curry, to a five-year max deal. Then they re-signed Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala, two important bench players and sixth and seventh man respectively. Next they re-signed Kevin Durant on a bargain of about $9 million less than he could have signed for then added two sharp shooters to the roster in Nick Young and Omri Casspi.

After making those moves Golden State still had to decide whether to re-sign role players like Ian Clark and JaVale McGee or look elsewhere to fill their 15-man roster. Early on in free agency, McGee held meetings with other teams but everyone knew he was just doing that for leverage.

Playing with the Warriors changed the narrative of McGee’s career. Not only do we have to call him a champion, but we also have to respect his game. McGee didn’t simply ride Golden State’s coattails; he was an instrumental part to their success, especially in the regular season.

Before the playoffs, McGee had the highest plus minus of any of the Warriors, and he did it in just under 10 minutes a game. McGee averaged six points and three rebounds on 65 percent shooting and had a PER of 25.2, a rating second only to Durant.

But now Golden State can rejoice, much like McGee himself, because they got their backup center back on the roster. After re-signing with the Warriors on a one-year veteran minimum deal McGee posted a video of himself dancing.

It’s safe to say McGee is ‘turnt up” about his return to Golden State. Now the McGee and Swaggy P connection is a guarantee and we’ll all be in for a show.


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