Kobe Bryant Speaks with Chargers at training camp


The Los Angeles Chargers are still getting used to their new city and what better way to make them feel at home than a visit from the Mamba himself.

Kobe Bryant joined the Chargers at the start of training camp and spoke to them before they hit the field. Kobe knows a thing or two, or five, about winning from his storied career as a Los Angeles Laker. Now in retirement Bryant is focused on the game of basketball through storytelling. When he visited the Chargers, however,  he shared with them his experiences as a pro in L.A. and what it takes to compete at the highest level.

L.A.’s Twitter account posted a video of Kobe’s speech where he talked about embracing failure and being in the moment. One thing Kobe made sure to highlight was his own failures and mistakes. He pointed out that he had bad shooting nights but that he still had to take open shots anyway.

“You have to stay in the moment as an athlete. If I miss this shot here, I can’t carry it over to the next shot…if you become conscious of your struggles you’re done”

That mentality is what made Kobe great. It’s what made Kobe the Mamba. Kobe’s stories about continuing to strive in the face of failure are just what the Chargers needed to hear facing uncharted territory in L.A.

With the city’s fan base split between the chargers and the Los Angeles Rams, the Chargers can take every edge they can get. Kobe showing face for their franchise will go a long way in endearing L.A.’s fans to the new team on the block. And if they win games, they’ll win over the city.

The Chargers will be playing their first season in Los Angeles after moving from San Diego this offseason. The Rams moved to L.A. in the previous off season. Both teams have temporary homes for the next three years until the new stadium they’ll share in Inglewood is complete.


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