Kyle Kuzma is coming for Klay Thompson as best postgame interviewee


Los Angeles Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma is doing his best Klay Thompson impression in postgame interviews.

Kyle Kuzma has been a sensation on the court and is a sight to see–and hear–off the court as well.

Earlier in the week he had must-see a postgame interview with Mike Trudell following his 38-point performance where he basically called himself a straight baller.

Then following his Christmas day game against the Minnesota Timberwolves where he put up 31 points, becoming the second rookie to put up such numbers since LeBron James in 2003, he echoed his baller status sentiments.

Kuzma’s stone-face confidence in interviews has become almost as enjoyable to watch as the buckets he gets when he balls. These must-watch interviews are reminiscent of another postgame interview king, Klay Thompson.

Thompson has had some pretty infamous postgame interviews which include signing a toaster and drinking a beer. They continued for Thompson after the Golden State Warriors’ Christmas day victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the rookie looks like he’s coming for Klay’s crown. Just see for yourself.


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