Lakers’ Lonzo Ball drops a music video for ‘BIG BALLER’ track

  (Content Warning)


Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball isn’t just here to take over the NBA; he’s here to take over the rap game too.

Lakers’ Lonzo Ball isn’t a one-trick pony, or horse, or however the saying goes. He’s been a fan of music and rapping his whole life. If you check his Twitter page, he has a video of himself freestyling pinned to his profile.

In an interview with Spectrum SportsNets on an episode of Connected With…, he told Chris McGee that he had some music dropping soon. Soon has finally come as Lonzo just dropped the BIG BALLER’ music video on YouTube.

Lonzo’s got some bars for everyone and has now joined a long list of Laker players to try their hand at rapping.

“ZO2 DC, back again don’t leave, you know the brand three B’s, young G’s in a jeep. Young [expletive] in a wagon, pull up [expletive] like wass hanin’, put my city on the map man, B’d up I feel like Batman.”

But if you ask Lonzo, he’s not just doing it for fun. Writing Lyrics is something he’s always done and his ‘BIG BALLER’ video is merely a sneak peek at another side of Lonzo we can expect to see down the road.

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard may now have some competition for the best rapper in the game. Lonzo is sure to drop an official mixtape or album sometime down the road but for now we’ll have to enjoy the short video he just dropped.

‘BIG BALLER’ features the YERM Team and the song is reportedly a remix of Strav Mode by DC The Don.


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