The Lakers young stars prove the future is bright in L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been in rebuild mode for several years now but their young stars are shining and showing their future to be bright.

So far this season, NBA rookie Kyle Kuzma has been a revelation for the Lakers. The No.27 overall pick has more than surpassed expectations and become the steal of the 2017 draft with his wide array of offensive skills and his consistency on the court.

Kuzma leads all rookies with 20+ point games this season (6), and he’s the only rookie to reach 30 points.

Brandon Ingram, a second-year forward and former No.2 overall pick in 2016, has also come along and has provided L.A. with consistent scoring. The former Duke star put in plenty of offseason work to get stronger and up his game and it shows.

Ingram plays aggressively and with confidence he didn’t have as a rook. His newfound swagger and surety have made him one of the Lakers’ go-to players for a bucket, and a guy that’s almost a sure thing attacking the rim.

Then comes Lonzo Ball, who’s had an up and down and mostly bad start to the season. Yet for all of Lonzo’s shortcomings, there are positives to take away from his game. For one, Ball is a team player through and through–almost to a fault. He has the gift of pass and finding the open man–something that you can’t teach.

Lonzo is also naturally drawn to the basketball, which makes him a great rebounder. It’s a luxury for L.A. to have a point guard that rebounds as well as Ball does.

But with that being said Lonzo has shown that scoring consistently is a problem for him. Outside of one explosive night where he went off for 29 points, Ball has been underwhelming to say the least when it comes to converting baskets.

However, that shouldn’t matter just yet.

Lonzo can work on his shot in the offseason. That will give him the time and focus he needs to develop a midrange shot and practice his three ball.

But for now, the Lakers can relish in the fact that Ball has already produced two triple-doubles in just 17 games. In fact, Ball notched his second triple-double at the exact same age (down to the day) as LeBron James, his idol.

Ball’s overall game is promising and buys him time to become a scoring threat.

With Ball improving, despite what his critics say, Kuzma balling beyond belief and Ingram hitting his stride, La La land is in good hands.

Ball is averaging 8.9 points, 7.1 assists, and 7.1 rebounds per game while Kuzma is averaging 16.5 points and 6.8 rebounds and Ingram is averaging 14.8 points and 5.4 rebounds this season.


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