LeBron James can take Jordan Clarkson’s game to the next level


Playing with LeBron James gives Jordan Clarkson a chance to take his game to the next level.

In just two games with the Cleveland Cavaliers Jordan Clarkson has been playing lights out.

After the Cavs’ blowout win over the Boston Celtics, Clarkson told reporters that he’d never been so open in his life.

Although Clarkson was traded in part for to his ability to score and create his own shot, playing alongside the best baller in the world will make scoring even easier for the twenty-five-year-old.

In two games with Cleveland, Clarkson is shooting 62 percent from the field including 57 percent from three. This season with the Los Angeles Lakers, he was shooting 45 percent and 33 percent respectively.

Of course some of Clarkson’s heat is due to the new-found energy of being on an Eastern Conference contender and he will undoubtedly cool down, however, Clarkson is in position to take a huge leap in his game.

LeBron James’ presence won’t make JC any more skilled than he is but it will make the game much easier for him because of all the attention James demands. JC’s overall efficiency will easily surpass what it was with the Lakers thus making him more valuable than he’s ever been.

Playing well on a winning team can seriously elevate one’s status as seen with players like J.R. Smith and JaVale McGee.

During the second half of this season and in Cleveland’s impending playoff run, Jordan Clarkson can reinvent himself as a player and create more value for himself than ever.


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