Marshawn Lynch has his own TV show

Marshawn Lynch is about that action boss, and he’s got his own show to prove it.

Ex-Seattle Seahawks running back and current Oakland Raiders back, Marshawn Lynch, burst into the spotlight for his hard-nosed power running as a back with Seattle.

But he became famous for his relationship with the media and his refusal to talk—most notably his infamous press conference line, “I’m only here so I don’t get fined.”

That stunt, or Marshawn just being Marshawn, thrusted the NFL star into stardom outside of the league. Since, he’s been a common player in pop culture and on social media—without even doing anything.

The public and the media love Lynch as his anti-media stance was found more endearing and enchanting than off putting.

He’s been in commercials and been a guest on reality shows for that very reason, and his unapologetic nature, that outside of football reveals a colorful personality, has landed him his own TV show.

In partnership with Bleacher Report, Lynch stars in his own reality show—No Script. The series, brought to you by Beast Mode Productions, looks like a cross between ESPN’s Sports Science, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and BBC’s Top Gear.

The show will air every Thursday on Facebook and will highlight everything people love about Marshawn—that action boss.



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