The NFL Has Set Interview Dates For The Players Named In The Al Jazeera America Documentary

roger goodellKamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has scheduled meetings to interview Pittsburgh SteelersJames Harrison, Green Bay PackersClay Matthews and Julius Peppers and linebacker Mike Neal to discuss their alleged PED use from the Al Jazeera America documentary. Recent NFL retiree Peyton Manning was also a high-profile player linked in the report but has been cleared of any wrongdoing after interviewing with league officials.

The NFL issued a letter to the player’s association last week informing them that anyone named in the documentary who did not cooperate with their investigation would face suspension. Matthews and Peppers have meetings scheduled for Wednesday while Neal is scheduled to speak to officials Thursday, and Harrison is scheduled for an interview Aug. 30.

While all named in the Al Jazeera report have denied the allegations, Harrison has been the most vocal about his opposition to the investigation. He agreed to conduct the interview live with NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell and was quoted, “They can ask the questions and I can answer them, and y’all can see whatever evidence it is they say they got.”

Of course, Goodell is not going to agree to the meeting on Harrison’s terms so we will not get to witness the interviews take place. But we do know they are set. Despite players being upset and the players association calling the league out on being bullies, the powers that be in the NFL have the final say. As of now, all players must comply with the NFL’s handling and ruling of the Al Jazeera investigations.



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