NBA 2018-2019 Schedule Realease: Lakers Edition

The NBA served up a few appetizers for its 2018-2019 season by releasing the schedule for key dates.

The NBA summer did not disappoint but now that most big moves have taken place and Summer League is no more, it’s time to look ahead to the regular season. The NBA just released schedules for opening week, Christmas day and MLK day.

Here are how things played out for the Los Angeles Lakers:


In somewhat of a surprise and certainly not the most popular season-opening game for Laker fans, the purple and gold will face the Portland Trail Blazers on the road to tip off the season.

The fun will begin for LeBron James and his new team on October 18 and just two days later, Oct. 20, the Lakers will host the Houston Rockets for a thriller in their season home opener.


Probably the most hyped game of the season will come when new Western Conference rivals, the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors, will go head-to-head on Christmas day in the primetime game. The NBA couldn’t do without its dose of LeBron vs the Warriors and the Lakers are the benefactor. Although L.A. is always on the Christmas day lineup, this season’s game will mean more for the storied franchise than it has in years.


As for MLK day LeBron and co. will have a Christmas Day rematch against the Warriors at home at 10:30 E.T. on TNT.




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