NBA Draft Lottery: The Picks Are In

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t get the number one pick in the NBA lottery. Instead, they landed the no. 2 pick the second year in a row, which is good enough for them to hold onto it. Now they have a big decision to make whether to take Ben Simmons from LSU or Brandon Ingram from Duke.

This could end up good or bad for the Lakers depending what they decide to do with their pick. They should either trade their pick or draft Ingram if  the Philadelphia 76ers do not take him number one overall and he is available at no. 2.

If the Lakers decide to trade the pick there have been rumors swirling about targeting Paul George from the Indiana Pacers, but LA has been known to screw up these deals in the last couple of years. Hopefully, getting a descent head coach in Luke Walton and possibly some players from the Golden State Warriors following him to Los Angeles will attract other big name free agents. The Lakers have a lot of cap space now that Kobe Bryant isn’t on the books so there shouldn’t be any excuse for settling for untalented players, something Dr. Jerry Buss would never stand for.  

If they decide to keep the pick the obvious selection for the Lakers is Ingram. Lakers have been interviewing players that they could possible pick at no. 2, but Ingram is the best fit because of his shooting ability and his defense, which the Lakers need consistency in.

Hopefully, they don’t drop the ball and make the wrong decision with this second pick or potential trade. Kobe’s retired and Lakers have a lot of cap space to make moves. This is their best shot at becoming relevant again.


What will the Lakers do with their pick?

Draft Night, June 23 on ESPN.


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