Lakers show off new Nike jerseys in rookie photo shoot

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Nike and the NBA have created new jerseys for the entire league this season and pictures of what they will look like have been released.

Lakers rookie guard Josh Hart may have leaked L.A.’s new jersey first, but shortly after, an image of Lonzo Ball in the new Nike jersey surfaced.

Other NBA teams have also released pictures of what their jerseys will look like for the 2017-2018 season. But now the NBA has officially released the photo spread of the rookie class in them. It seems as if the NBA and Nike are marketing the jerseys with a fresh look, fresh face pairing.

Many of the jerseys have ad logos on the upper left corner (a lot smaller than what the WNBA has) but not all of them. In both Hart’s Snapchat post and the picture of Lonzo, the Lakers’ jersey sports a swoosh but not any company branding.

It’s unknown if the NBA has made ads on jerseys mandatory, but as of now either L.A. has yet to determine which corporate partner they want on their jersey or they just won’t have one.

With a look at the new uniform on Ball and other rookies, images of every Laker player in them will soon surface. It’s just a matter of time before all 30 teams’ full roster is pictured in the Nike jerseys as well.

Twitter NBA

This is yet another tease for L.A. fans in what has become the most anticipated season in a long time. The Lakers have a new team, a new training facility and now new digs. Hopefully all of this is a sign of the new direction the team is going in.



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