NBA’s best–LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony–play pickup game in New York


Although the NBA season is still two months away, star players are keeping busy and staying in shape by playing pickup ball.

Videos of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith playing a game of pick up in New York has gone viral on the internet. In the videos a high-level of basketball is on display as the NBA stars are going at each other hard.

The footage was taken during one of Chris Brinkley’s M7 Blackout Sessions at Academy Basketball.

KD and LeBron both slams a few balls home and hit outside jumpers while Melo is seen hitting from outside and working on his midrange game.

Videos like this aren’t out of the ordinary as both James and Anthony have posted multiple videos of themselves working out this summer. Other videos and photos have gone viral on Twitter and Instagram of NBA players working out at UCLA.

But this is the first time this offseason that the league’s best are running together.


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After the NBA Finals LeBron congratulated Durant on his first title but wasn’t shy about his unhappiness that Durant won because it meant he lost. It seems like James has since moved past the defeat and is on good enough terms with KD to run some game with him.

As for Anthony, who’s been linked to the Cleveland Cavaliers in response to the Kyrie Irving trade demands, running with LeBron is a bit of a preview of what the two would look like as teammates.

A deal between the New York Knicks and Cleveland is highly unlikely, but that doesn’t mean Anthony and James can’t tease the basketball world by joining forces


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