Paul George says his love for L.A. is a “no-brainer”


Paul George made waves by embracing his affection for Los Angeles but says it won’t affect his basketball decisions.

The Paul George to the Los Angeles Lakers rumors won’t end until he makes a free agency decision this summer. Especially when he speaks openly about his love for his hometown and how he enjoys being in Southern California. During the Oklahoma City Thunder’s most recent trip to L.A. where they faced the Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, George answered more questions regarding his pending free agency and whether L.A. is the place he prefers to play.

After all, his parents were front row for both OKC’s game against the Lakers and the Clippers. However, George reiterated that home is home but basketball is something different altogether.

Ballerz World got footage of George following the Thunder’s game against the Clippers as he responded to the rumors.


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