Raiders’ Michael Crabtree breaks the ankles of a Rams defender

Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree breaks the ankles of a Los Angeles Rams defender before scoring a touchdown.

If you missed the Raiders host the Rams for Week 2 of the NFL preseason, then you missed Michael Crabtree breaking Troy Hill’s ankles. Derek Carr completed a short pass to Crabtree that ended in a touchdown and tied the game 14-14, to cap off a drive that also saw Amari Cooper make an amazing catch between three defenders.

Crabtree isn’t considered one of the elite wideouts in the NFL, but he’s certainly one of the best receivers in the game when it comes to creating yards after the catch. While paired with Carr in Oakland he’s revitalized his career, and as long as he’s making moves like he did Saturday night he’ll earn even more respect. 

Crabtree and Cooper make for a very threatening and even lethal WR duo for the Raiders. While Cooper may be the younger receiver with more upside, Crabtree has him beat when it comes to making corners look silly.

So although Cooper may have made a tough catch while being triple covered, Crabtree had the highlight of the night.

Crabtree doesn’t play basketball but he sure looked like Stephen Curry with the moves he put on Los Angeles’ Hill.

Maybe it has something to do with the Jordan cleats he wears because Hill is still probably looking for his ankles somewhere in Oakland. 


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