Rams, Aaron Donald reportedly ‘Not Close’ to reaching agreement

Although the regular season is approaching fast, Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams haven’t made any ground on reaching an agreement.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reports that league sources say Aaron Donald and the Rams are ‘Not Close’ to reaching a deal.

Since the beginning of Donald’s holdout, Los Angeles has shown confidence that the two sides would come to an agreement in time for Donald to play in the Rams’ season opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

However, with Donald still away from the team, the likelihood of him missing Week 1 are increasing by the day.

Some have questioned whether Donald has made his point and it’s time for him to report to camp.

Considering his holdout is due to a contract dispute, he’s taking a considerable financial risk for every day he refuses to report.

Donald loses thousands of dollars for every training camp, preseason game and regular season game he does not attend. If he were to skip the entire season he stands to lose $2 million. However, Florio reports that Donald is taking a stand against rookie contracts in the NFL.

“Donald is scheduled to make $17 million over the first five years of his career. At that point, the Rams could apply the franchise two times, keeping him away from free agency for seven years — and putting him on the open market when he’s on the brink of 30.”

“Yes, he’s under contract. But it’s not as if the contract was freely negotiated. He was stuck with the deal that his draft spot dictated, and he has devices available under the labor deal for exerting leverage in an effort to get the Rams to forget about the $1.8 million he’s due to make this year, the $6.8 million he’s due to make next year, and the two tags the Rams could apply.”


Los Angeles went 2-2 in preseason so hopefully for their season’s sake, and Donald’s pockets, the Rams and their star defensive tackle can strike a deal before the regular season begins.



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