Rams’ offense shows life in Week 2 of NFL preseason

(LA Rams)

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After an underwhelming preseason debut, the Laos Angeles Rams’ offense impressed in Week 2 against the Oakland Raiders.

The Rams improved to 2-0 in the preseason after a 24-21 win against the Raiders Saturday. But although they escaped their preseason opener with a 13-10 victory against the Dallas Cowboys, they still had a lot to improve on heading into Week 2.

For starters, their offense never got rolling with Jared Goff or Todd Gurley. Goff, who played for just two drives, didn’t have a large enough sample size to determine if he’d improved since the end of last season, while Gurley had only four carries for just two yards.

The Rams also had trouble holding onto the ball. The offense fumbled five teams but was lucky enough to recover four of them.

After the game, Head Coach Sean McVay noted that the team had things to ‘Figure out’ moving forward, and from the looks of L.A.’s performance against Oakland, they were able to work out some kinks.

The Rams demonstrated the potential of their offense with the help of three key players who improved from Week 1 to Week 2.

In a postgame press conference, McVay praised the players that stepped up for the Rams and expressed excitement for the team’s offensive showing overall.

I thought Todd (Gurley) ran the football efficient where he’s almost at five yards a carry…I thought Cooper Kupp made a handful of third down conversions that ended up being big time for us.”

He went on further:

“Overall very pleased with the offensive effort. We know there are going to be some things that we can go back and clean up but I think for the most part especially for Jared (Goff), I thought it was good to get him a lot more experience where I want to say he played about 37 snaps and I think that experience for him is invaluable and I thought he did an excellent job today.”

Here’s a look at how well Goff, Gurley and Cooper Kupp executed for L.A.

Goff completed 16-of-20 passes for 160 yards and a touchdown.

(LA Rams)

Gurley rushed for 38 yards on eight attempts including a nine-yard run into the end zone.

Kupp continued to impress as a rookie by catching 6 passes for 70 yards and a 23-yard TD.

Considering the Rams are projected to have the league’s worst offense by ESPN analytics, their game against Oakland is a sign that the offense is in good hands. As long as L.A. keeps making strides under Head Coach Sean McVay, they’ll prove the analytics wrong.


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