Richard Jefferson says Warriors’ eyes ‘Lit up’ when Deron Williams entered Finals games


Cleveland Cavaliers’ Richard Jefferson says when Deron Williams played in the Finals’ games the Golden State Warriors’ eyes lit up.

On Episode 40 of Richard Jefferson’s popular podcast Road Trippin’, he suggested that the Warriors were happy when point guard Deron Williams checked into the game. For one, of course Golden State would prefer to face Williams over Kyrie Irving.

Despite the fact that Williams isn’t the player he was when the Brooklyn Nets were the New Jersey Nets, Irving is the guy who stamped and sealed the Warriors’ 2016 NBA Finals loss with a dagger three over Stephen Curry.

But two, Jefferson wasn’t ragging on his teammate. On the episode, he was actually giving a plug to Williams’ podcast, Ballers and Brawlers, and joking about Williams’ eyes lighting up when he talked about wrestling.  

Jefferson’s guest Dave McMenamin then asked if Williams’ eyes lit up coming off the bench for the Cavs, to which Jefferson replied no, and then a voice in the distance asked about what the Warriors’ eyes were like when he came off the bench, to which Jefferson replied,

“Their eyes lit up, their eyes lit up.”

In context, Jefferson’s comments were in good fun and were also prompted by others. As always, however, the internet took the quote and ran with it.

So for the record RJ did admit Golden State smelled blood when Williams saw the court in the Finals but, in all reality, there’s no way to actually know if that was the case for the Warriors. Jefferson and the Road Trippin’ crew were just poking fun, per usual.


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