Stephen Curry crashes a house party and chugs beer with new friends


Golden State Warriors’ point guard and two-time MVP Stephen Curry is living his best life this summer after winning his second NBA title. His most recent adventure, a house party that he crashed to chug some brew.

Stephen Curry has had a hell of a summer. It started in June by winning his second championship in three years. Then he had the time of his life at the American Century Championship golf tournament. After that he moved on to his tour of Asia with Under Armour where he did push ups from the frightening CCTV tower in Beijing and then he threw away somebody’s LeBron’s and traded them for Curry’s.

Now that Steph is back on U.S. soil he’s still living his best life. After attending Harrison Barneswedding in Rhode Island, Steph heard loud music coming from a house and decided he wasn’t done partying. He knocked on the door and crashed the party then chugged some beer before taking a photo with party goers. 

Having Stephen Curry knock on your doorstep is already a hell of a surprise but having him party with you is even better. It’s unknown how long Curry hung out with his new friends but he gave them a memory to last a lifetime.

The Summer isn’t over yet and by the look of things Curry may still have some partying to do. He’s living it up and no one can stop him. ChinaKlay may have been a sight to see, but SummerSteph is the gift that keeps giving.


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