Stephen Curry says he’ll vote ‘no’ to a visit to the White House

As defending NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors will presumably be invited to the White House but Stephen Curry doesn’t want to visit.

Speculation about the Warriors’ visit to the White House has been going around since they won the NBA Finals back in June.

The general feeling seemed to be that many members of the team would turn down the opportunity if it were presented to them. However, Golden State’s Head Coach Steve Kerr, who has been publicly critical of Trump and his administration, said he hoped the team would make an appearance as a “sign of good will.”

Despite Kerr’s preference, Warriors players like Kevin Durant have already said they wouldn’t attend a White House visit.

Now Stephen Curry can be added to that list of players who don’t see themselves stepping foot in the White House given its current administration.

In response to a question about KD’s decision to skip a White House visit, Curry told Rachel Nichols on The Jump,

“I’m on that same tip…we have an opportunity to send a statement [by not going] that hopefully encourages unity…and [will] stand for something.”  

There’s really no surprise about Curry or Durant’s personal feelings on the matter and the chances of the team going to the White House are very slim. However, Curry also said that the decision is not just about him or KD but the team as a whole. Golden State will have a team meeting and vote on the decision to go, or not go, to the White House as a group.

“It is a collective. It’s not just about me, it’s not just about KD. It’s about the whole team and what we were able to accomplish as a team…we’ll have that conversation obviously and we’ll do it as a group and we’ll have one voice.”

For now we’ll just have to wait and see what the Warriors decide as a team but we do know how their leaders feel.

Here’s a video of Curry reiterating his position in a press conference after his interview with Nichols. 



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