The Golden State Warriors Look Like Favorites Again After A Post All-Star Break Lull

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The Golden State Warriors have been looking a lot like the team that started the season 24-0, now winners of five straight games capped off by a blowout victory over the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night.

After the All-Star break, the dubs hit a lull almost losing to bad teams on the road and barely beating teams they should have easily handled at home. They were not play anything like a team primed to be back-to-back champs evident most when they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, with any team there will be lulls during an 82 game season, especially when you’re used to beating teams with such ease like the Warriors, but the dubs had begun to play uncharacteristically poor for their standards.

Either they were embarrassed by the loss to the Lakers alone or it was head coach Steve Kerr’s criticism of his team’s turnover ratio, but since their last  loss the Warriors have gotten back to basics and it’s paying off.

Since the loss in LA the Warriors have been averaging just about 15 turnovers and just under 30 assists. Monday night it showed because they actually looked like the unbeatable team that’s taken the sports world by storm as the splash brothers and the bench got buckets in Golden State’s blowout win over the Pelicans.

For a while I thought the Warriors would run into trouble in the playoffs (mostly against the San Antonio Spurs) and that their fairytale season could potentially come to a surprising halt with how sloppy they had been playing over the last several weeks. But it looks like they have found their rhythm again and when they are firing on all cylinders they can’t be stopped.


Golden State has a few big games coming up in their schedule including a back-to-back where the Warriors will go on the road to face the Spurs Saturday night after they play the Dallas Mavericks Friday night. With Andre Iguodala and Festus Ezeli unavailable with injuries, the Warriors will need to be on their A game. The Warriors continue to prove they only lose when they beat themselves. They look to be hitting their stride again, right in time for the playoff push.


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