The Warriors Don’t Need Their MVP To Beat The Cavaliers

The Golden State Warriors blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers Sunday night to take a commanding 2-0 series lead in the NBA Finals. Golden State handed LeBron James his third-worst loss of his finals career trouncing Cleveland by 33 points, 110-77.

Although the Warriors have dominated the first two games of this series, it has been some unusual suspects exploiting the Cavaliers. Back-to-back league MVP, Stephen Curry, has yet to have a dominant performance worthy of an MVP, but the beauty is, he hasn’t had to.

After scoring only 11 points in game 1 Curry said he would be better game 2 and he was, seven points better. Game 2 Curry totaled 18 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists—good numbers no doubt, but far from Curry’s scoring potential. However, Curry’s numbers in game 2 don’t tell the full story. Although Draymond Green was the hero of the night for the Warriors scoring 28 points and going 5-for-8 from three, Curry was still a game-high +25 on the court. He draws so much attention to himself just being on the floor, it frees up his teammates like Shaun Livingston and Green, who can put the ball in the basket—and he absolutely loves it. When asked by a reporter in Sunday night’s post-game press conference if he was worried about a teammate “stealing” his Finals MVP, Curry chuckled, simply stating, “We’re up 2-0” and that his only worry is the team’s next game.

Game 3, LeBron and the Cavaliers will come out with a sense of urgency trying to get out on top of the Warriors early, and they must. Chances are Curry isn’t going to continue to play the way he has games 1 and 2, and will gift us all with an MVP-esque performance. If the rest of the Warriors are clicking still when Curry heats up (or Klay Thompson for that matter), everyone may be in for a very anticlimactic NBA Finals. Hopefully, the Cavaliers will play better game 3 and make this series more interesting. Otherwise, the western conference finals may have been the highlight of the 2016 NBA postseason.



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