The Warriors vs Cavaliers Part 4 is set

Asha Doucet | OurSports

The stage is set for Warriors-Cavs part four where the Dubs are an overwhelming favorite but the King is playing the best basketball of his career.

A lot has been said about LeBron James lack of help but with Andre Iguodala unavailable as of now, we shouldn’t write off the Cleveland Cavaliers just yet. LeBron has proved that he will not be denied and Iguodala has been tasked with stopping him or at least slowing him down over the last four seasons. With Iguodala out, the King will have an added advantage at least in terms of himself.

But still, if the Warriors show up and play to their potential from the jump they should handle Cleveland with relative ease.

In either case, we’re in for a third rematch between a player of his generation and the league’s newest dynasty.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals will be Thursday, May 31st at Oracle Arena.


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