Three reasons why the Lakers’ 2017 start is more sustainable than last year’s


The Los Angeles Lakers are off to another surprisingly decent start to their season but the 2017 Lakers have a better chance of sustaining it than last year’s team.

The Lakers are good–well okay, they look better than we thought. L.A. is 5-5 on the season, and outside of their first game against the Los Angeles Clippers, they’ve even been competitive in their losses.

But what makes this Lakers team different than last years. There are a number of differences that have changed the game for L.A., and not every one of them is about personnel.

It’s true that new additions (and maybe even a couple of subtractions) have helped the Lakers get off to a respectable start, but in a short sample size experience seems to also be working for the young team.

L.A’s early success–and yes we can call 5-5 a success–can be broken down to three main factors.

The Lakers have the ability to score the ball, they’ve shown they can stop the ball and they’re playing with experience. Combined, this gives L.A. a pretty good chance at maintaining their pretty good start.

Here are three reasons why the Lakers surprising start will last in a way 2016’s didn’t:


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