Three reasons why it’s World Series or bust for the Dodgers


Winning without Clayton Kershaw

When a team’s best player goes down in any sport the organization and fans hold their collective breath. Such was the case when the Dodgers lost Clayton Kershaw yet again to a lower back injury.

Kershaw is not just L.A.’s best player, but he’s baseball’s best pitcher. A loss of that magnitude has to make a team slide even a little bit in power rankings. But that’s not what happened with these Dodgers.

Since Kershaw was shut down, L.A. hasn’t missed a beat. Since his last start the Dodgers are 14-4. Their sustained dominance further proves how deep their pitching staff is as well as their batting lineup.

With the Dodgers winning without their best player, imagine how much better they’ll be when they get him back. In other words, when Kershaw returns it’s lights out for the league.

L.A. is too good to fall short of the World Series. They are on a historic pace that puts them among the likes of the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees. But the Dodgers don’t want to follow in the 116-win Mariners’ footsteps and fizzle out in the postseason.

Instead, L.A. hopes to be more like the 114-win Yankees that went all the way to the World Series and won it. But if they don’t even make it there, this amazing season won’t mean a thing.



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