Tim Tebow Conducts Workout For MLB Scouts In Hopes To Make A Roster

Tim TebowKevin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday in Los Angeles Tim Tebow worked out for about 40 MLB scouts hoping to find success as a professional athlete in the world of baseball. Although Tebow didn’t crash and burn in his tryout, he also wasn’t overly impressive as a well-rounded baseball player. At the end of a two-hour workout, Tebow received mixed reviews from scouts in attendance.

The former NFL QB had some power in his swing and showed the ability to hit the ball deep. He sent eight pitches over the wall in total but was not as successful against live pitching. Although the Heisman trophy winner was able to connect on a few pitches from former MLB relievers, Chad Smith and David Aardsma, he swung and missed on the majority of pitches he saw.

Tebow was solid in the outfield, however, catching every ball put in play and launching it back to the infielders and to home plate. He was able to execute those drills with no hiccups, but his defensive performance was rated a 45 on a scale from 20-80, a below average mark. Still, scouts were impressed with his natural talent and physical attributes. For a man who hasn’t played organized baseball for over 12 years, he performed better than expected.


Probably the most impressive aspect of Tebow’s workout, and definitely the clip most watched online was his 60-yard dash. Tebow clocked in at 6.65 seconds, an impressive time for a 252-pound man. At 29 years old with good speed, power, and a decent arm, Tebow has certainly impressed enough scouts to consider him for a triple-A team, but he has an uphill battle to make it to the major leagues.

What is undeniable is Tebow’s natural set of physical attributes and athleticism that give him a legitimate shot of having a baseball career.  In all honesty, he has kept himself in good enough shape he should be able to be a backup quarterback for at least one NFL team, however, with no professional football teams giving him any offers, baseball may be his last shot at a career playing sports.



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