LA Premiere Center releases a virtual tour of Rams and Chargers’ new stadium


The LA Stadium Premiere Center just released a virtual tour of the future home of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers.

The video gives an all-access virtual tour of the state-of-the-art facility being built in Inglewood. The stadium will seat 70,000 guests and cost $2.6 billion to complete. It will be filled with modern, tech-friendly features; the most jaw dropping of them all will be a double-sided LED video board called the ‘Oculus’.

Nathan Feno of the Los Angeles Times reports that the stadium suites will include walls made up of video screens that have better resolution than IMAX.

Two white doors slide open like the entrance to an amusement park ride. In a darkened room, visitors face a floor-to-ceiling video wall that offers better resolution than an IMAX movie.

The entire structure will be 298 acres and include retail shops, offices, a hotel and housing. It will have over 260 suites of seven different types. The best-of-the-best will be for Rams and Chargers’ events as well as other entertainment events.

One of the many cool designs of the stadium is how easily it will be able to transform.  

With the push of a button, the football field transforms to a basketball court for the Final Four or a soccer pitch. 

Although the stadium is being constructed to be for much more than football, the Rams and Chargers are the main attraction. There was a lot of thought and detail put into making the stadium equally the Rams and the Chargers’. For instance, much of the furniture used will be a shade of blue that could represent either team.

Feno reports that Chris Hibbs, the chief revenue officer for the L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District, called the stadium “Big and different in all positive ways.” Hibbs later added, “Nobody’s ever done this before.”

The highly anticipated new home of L.A.’s two NFL teams is set to open in the summer of 2020 and will raise the bar for all future stadiums to come.


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