The Warriors are forcing stars to team up and teams to break up


The summer in the NBA has been more exciting than the regular season and it’s all because of the Golden State Warriors.

Immediately after the Warriors finished off the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals rumors spread about LeBron James’ imminent departure from Cleveland. Lebron is a free agent in 2018 and if the Cavaliers aren’t any closer to beating Golden State he’s likely to move on.

To make matters worse for Cleveland, right before the NBA draft the organization parted ways with their General Manager David Griffin. That move fed the rumors of James joining another team at the end of next season because without a general manager, Cleveland isn’t likely to catch golden state at all.

Elsewhere in the western conference, teams tired of getting beat up by the Warriors are doing every thing they can to take down the champs. In a few blockbuster trades, the Houston Rockets acquired Chris Paul to play alongside James Harden. They hope their two-headed monster along with role players can become a true contender in the west.

The Oklahoma City Thunder traded for Paul George to give OKC their own two headed monster that Russell Westbrook hopes will give the Thunder a chance at being one of the top western conference teams.

The Minnesota Timberwolves also made attempts to tighten the gap on the Warriors by trading for Jimmy Butler then signing Jeff Teague in free agency.

What those moves do is make the western conference even more of a war zone than it already was while leaving the east wide open for Cleveland to regain their crown.

But that could change with the latest news that Kyrie Irving asked the Cavaliers for a trade that had Twitter buzzing. Irving apparently doesn’t want to play with James anymore and wants to be more of a focal point on a team. His reported preference of destinations includes the Timberwolves, the New York Knicks, the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.

Kyrie’s desire for a trade comes as a shock to all including Lebron who was reportedly ‘blindsided by the news. If Kyrie is in fact traded, you can bet LeBron is on his way out next. It’s safe to say that ever since the Warriors beat the Cavs in just five games, the team has been coming apart.

Cleveland’s turmoil helps the other teams in the east, like the Boston Celtics, whose chances to take down the Cavaliers would significantly improve without Irving on the Cavs’ roster. If Kyrie went to one of the eastern conference teams he prefers, however, none of them would have a chance to take down Golden State and still wouldn’t be a favorite to make it out of the east.

But Irving in the west makes things interesting and would definitely make either the Timberwolves or the Spurs contenders but still short of actually dethroning the Warriors. The truth remains that if a team with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and a third All-Star wasn’t even close to beating Golden State, then any combination of Kyrie and players not named LeBron have no chance at beating the Warriors either.

If the Spurs landed Kyrie they’d have the best chances of taking down the dubs; but in order to get him, they would have to give up valuable players meaning they probably wouldn’t get better and the trade would be a wash.

Right now Golden State must be laughing at the rest of the league trying to keep up and revelling the fact that their biggest threat is imploding.


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