Win Or Lose, The Warriors’ Historic Season Deserves Praise

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The Golden State Warriors are in the midst of the most historic season by a team in NBA history, and maybe even across all sports. After beating even their own expectations last year with a fairytale season that broke franchise records and was capped off with a championship, the Warriors have come back even better. After starting the season 24-0 they proved once and for all to the naysayers and critics their championship run was no fluke. The charge is being led by Warriors’ superstar and best player on the planet right now, Stephen Curry, who has vastly improved upon his MVP campaign last year and will undeniably receive back-to-back honors (and should also be voted MVP by his peers who snubbed him last year for Harden). The Warriors have seemed impenetrable at times this year obliterating the competition almost every time they play and have gone 12-1 against the top six teams in the league. If it wasn’t for those pesky old San Antonio Spurs I’d say they are a lock to repeat as back-to-back champs. But with a Spurs team rested and led by Kawhi Leonard, who would be making an MVP case for himself if it wasn’t for Curry, getting out of the west will be a tough task. Considering how evenly matched the Spurs and Warriors are it may not be considered a major upset if the dubs are dethroned by the Spurs. If the Warriors did fall short of their ultimate goal no one should consider this season a bust.

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The reason the Warriors’ season still matters despite the outcome is because what they are doing is unprecedented. The Warriors are revolutionizing the game and stretching its reach. They have broken significant records held by great players and great teams that built legends and created the allure of the NBA. Steph broke his own record he set last year for most three-pointers in a season in February and he is still racking them up. Klay Thompson is currently the second-best three-point shooter in the game and maybe ever. Thompson hit 1,000 made threes for his career earlier this year and only one other person has reached the mark faster, his splash brother Steph. However, Klay is the first ever player to reach 1,000 three-pointers in their first five seasons. Although the Spurs are currently ahead of the Warriors in consecutive home wins with 36, the Warriors are right behind them with 33 in pursuit of the 44 home game win streak set by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team. The Warriors are even a game ahead of the 1995-96 Bulls’ team record of 72 wins sitting at 64-7, and with 11 games remaining they need to go 9-2 to beat the record or 8-3 to tie it.

Considering everything the Warriors have already accomplished and are on their way to accomplishing, losing to a team as good as the Spurs in route to another championship would be nothing to hang their heads on. Instead, if they don’t go all the way, the team should be applauded for having one of the best regular seasons in history across all sports. They should be revered for breaking one unmovable record after another, for entertaining us and inspiring a new generation of ball players and for laying down the blueprint for today’s NBA. No matter what the postseason has in store for the Warriors, the have put their stamp on history and are still in pursuit of solidifying it. As fans of the game of basketball, we should all try to appreciate what we’re witnessing while it’s happening. If the Warriors don’t hoist up the trophy this year, what they have already done will not be replicated easily and by no means should be dismissed.


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